CBME China Charitable Program 2016


Currently, there are a total of 40.08 million Chinese children under the relative poverty line, accounting for 16.7% of total children population in China. And there are about 10.80 million children in absolute poverty. Compared with national mean level, children are more inclined to fall in poverty than other groups. The poverty of rural children in the west is most prominent and the state of poverty of children in rural areas is graver than those downtown. 


Shanghai, China, Dec 5, 2016 - CBME China Charity Program 2016 raise over US$42,000 has been raised to help China’s underprivileged children. 45 companies participated in this program and donated baby products for the charity sale. All proceeds of this year’s program is donated to China Children and Teenagers’ Fund to support the daily needs and purchase school supplies for children in Pingbian, Yunnan Province.

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