Assessment for Dark Horse Award of the Year 2017

Award introduction

The Dark Horse Award of the Year is for the brand owners and retailers achieving fast development and wide praise in the children baby maternity industry. This award is designed to encourage the newly-rising enterprises with fast development to discover their own potential and inject new vitality to the industry innovation and upgrade.


Assessment procedure

Step 1: Nominations  Feb. - Apr. 2017

Directly nominated by the hundred-expert jury:

Step 2: Finalist  May - Jun. 2017

The organization committee will aggregate the nomination votes, determine the nominee finalist of retailers and brand owners, and release the list through various media channels.

Step 3: Assessment  Jul. 19- 21, 2017

Show the nominee finalist at CBME scene, the hundred-expert jury and visitors vote for the awards, and determine the awards list according to the voting results.

Step 4: Presentation of awards  Oct. 2017

Issue invitations for the 2017 CBME AWARDS Grand Ceremony, reveal the results and present awards at the scene.


Nomination requirements (the juries nominate by referring to the following dimensions)

Expanded enterprise scale;

Innovative operation concept;

Ascending industry influence;

Fast performance growth and good operating conditions;

Having unique group management patterns;

Favorable credibility and reputation;

Keen market insight;


Awards generation

It is generated by the voting of the hundred-expert jury and visitors at the scene of 2017 CBME China, and the voting weight is: 70% by the hundred-expert jury and 30% by visitors at the scene.