2017 Award for Society Serving

Award introduction

 The Award for Society Serving is awarded to the enterprises or individuals that are engaged in charity and public welfare undertakings to thank them for their contributions to society.


Assessment procedure

 Step 1: Application  Feb. - Apr. 2017

Enterprises and individuals can apply by filling out the application form and we will provide the information according to the participation requirements.

Step 2: Assessment  May - Jun. 2017

The sponsor will summarize and review the application information, determine the awards list and send the notices.

Step 3: Exhibition  Jul. 19-21, 2017

The awards list of Award for Society Serving will be shown and the Award for Society Serving will be presented at the scene of CBME.


Reward in return

Your information will be shown on the official website of CBME and more than 360,000 visitors can browse it.

The enterprises and individuals winning the awards will be shown to 100,000 practitioners on the CBME official micro-blog and Wechat.

The enterprises winning the awards will be propagandized in the Special Report of CBME AWARDS of CBME Micro Newspaper, which covers more than 130,000 industry elites.

The senior enterprise leaders or the individuals winning the awards will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony of 2017 CBME AWARDS China at the scene of CBME.

It can be shown in the CBME AWARDS zone at the scene of CBME, making 100,000 visitors know about your information.

Obtain the delicate medals for CBME AWARDS Service Award