Exhibitor List

Product Category
Specialized Zones and Pavilions
东莞永辉轻胶制品有限公司 DongGuan WingFai Foam Products Co.Ltd.
Booth No.: [5-1F62]
Brand: Disnep Wing Fai
Category: 玩具、教育及纪念品-电子电动玩具 Toys, Educational Products and Souvenirs-Electronic toys
MAS International Co., Ltd. MAS International Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: [4-1B80]
Brand: Baby&mama
Category: 乐活美妈-孕妇装 Fabulous Mom-Maternity clothing
台州市黄岩文浩模具有限公司 HANBEITE
Booth No.: [6-2E114,6-2E115,6-2F44,6-2F45]
Category: 母婴用品-婴儿洗护用品 Maternity and Baby Care Products-Baby care products
野猫有限公司 Wildcat Co., LTD
Booth No.: [4-1E20-8]
Brand: 아띠빠스
Category: 童装、婴装、童鞋及配饰-婴童鞋 Children, Baby and Teenager Clothing, Footwear and Accessories-Children and baby shoes
衢州三禾户外装备科技有限公司 Quzhou Sanhe Outdoor Equipment Technology Co., Ltd
Booth No.: [6-1A33-1]
Category: 车床、汽座及家具-家俱 Baby Carriages, Car Seats and Furniture-furniture
美奇唯新儿童食品股份有限公司 Miqi Weixin children's food Limited by Share Ltd
Booth No.: [7-1F11-4]
Brand: Subaobao
Category: 孕婴童食品、营养品及零食-辅食 Food, Nutrition and Snacks-Complementary food
广东顺德小将军婴幼儿用品有限公司 Little General Baby Production CO.,Ltd
Booth No.: [1-1H01]
Category: 玩具、教育及纪念品-塑胶玩具 Toys, Educational Products and Souvenirs-Plastic toys
中山幼隆日用制品有限公司 Kingsbaby (ZhongShan) Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Booth No.: [5-1B19,5-1B20]
Brand: Nordiccab
Category: 车床、汽座及家具-童车 Baby Carriages, Car Seats and Furniture-Baby stroller
深圳市威奇婴儿用品有限公司 Shenzhen Weiqi Baby Products Co.Ltd
Booth No.: [6-2E58]
Brand: Kare
Category: 母婴用品-哺育用品 Maternity and Baby Care Products-Feeding products
上海程乾贸易有限公司 Shanghai Cheng Qian Trade Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: [8-1B23,8-1B24]
Brand: RH Betta eiseiboro
Category: 活色生鲜-橄榄油/核桃油/菜籽油等食用油 Fine Food-Olive oil/ walnut oil/ grapeseed oil and other edible oil