CBME AWARDS Finalists Announcement

After strict scoring and multi-dimensional evaluation by industrial experts for 400 products from 335 global baby-maternity brands, let’s congratulate to below shortlisted products and brands!

The finalists will join hands with offline top retailers to create CBME Products Awards Festival, experience the consumer and industry polls. The winning product will be selected and then showcased at CBME 2020 on site this October. Let's wait and see!

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Attractive Appearance Award

To award the outstanding innovation of the product appearance design in the children, baby and maternity industry of the year, encouraging the industrial enterprises to continually produce products with attractive appearance.

CBME Attractive Appearance Awards Finalists

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Black Technology Award

It is set for the user experience of the existing technology upgrading and improvement in the child, baby and maternity industry, and intellectual products like new hardware, new software or new technology etc., which provoke people’s admiration.

CBME Black Technology Awards Finalists

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Innovative Design Award

To demonstrate and evaluate the excellent functional innovation products in the industry of child, baby and maternity. It encourage the

Independent innovation of industry enterprises, and meanwhile, shows the insiders the latest product trend of child, baby and maternity

Industry in the first time.

CBME Innovative Design Awards Finalists

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