CBME AWARDS has been the highest honor in child, baby and maternity industry since its establishment in 2014. With its prestigious and visionary perspective, impartial and objective system and multiple channels platform, CBME AWARDS helps an enormous amount of quality products realize huge success from launch to sales.


In 2021, CBME AWARDS will keep its concept while have a new start. KOL selection group will be introduced for the first time and the rewarded products and brands will be promoted in a more effective way. In the meantime, CBME AWARDS will be comprehensively upgraded in several aspects, such as selection system, experts team, awards setting and promotion. CBME AWARDS will select more new products with great innovation and technology in child, baby and maternity industry.


Attractive Appearance Award

The Attractive Appearance Award is awarded to the outstanding innovation of the product appearance design in the children, baby and maternity industry of the year, encouraging the children, baby and maternity enterprises to continually produce products with attractive appearance.

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Innovative Design Award

CBME Innovation Design Award is awarded to outstanding products with innovative function patent in child, baby and maternity industry. (function, technology/craft, material, etc.) It encourages the independent innovation of industry enterprises and the creation of highly functional products to meet the demand of consumers.

The awards are divided into five categories:

Baby Travel Gear

Baby Bedding and Furniture

Baby Feeding Product

Baby Care Product

Educational Product

★Only one product in each category of each brand can be used for application; If the applicant company has different categories of products from multiple brands, please use another email to re-register and complete the registration.


Intelligent Technology Award

The Intelligent Technology Award is set for the user experience of the existing technology upgrading and improvement in the child, baby and maternity industry, and intellectual products like new hardware, new software or new technology etc., which provoke people's admiration.

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