CBME Home Health & Safety Zone

The new CBME 2020 Home Health & Safety Zone provides you with an excellent platform to expand the market of child, baby and maternity industry!


A Huge Increase in the Demand for Home Health & Safety Products


1.pngSanitary Disinfection Protection Health
Due to the epidemic situation, the mother-to-child families will pay more attention to family hygiene, disinfection, protection, health and other aspect, thus the demand for protective child, home health & safety products will increase dramatically.

2.pngAbove 80% of top child baby chains in China had the demand for home health & safety products
Among the top 200 child baby chains in China, 80% of them said they had the demand for home health & safety products. As a retail channel for direct service to mother-to-child families, child baby chain stores will see a big increase in demand for home health & safety products.




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