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15-17 July, 2020   NECC (Shanghai), China

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With the steady implementation of 2-child policy, the growth of China’s population is health

According to the national bureau of statistics(NBS), there were 17.23 million babies born in 2017 and the birth rate was 12.43‰* By the end of 2017, the population of China aged 0-14 (including under 15 years old)was 233.48 million.*
Huge potential of China toy industry market
In accordance with the average global consumption, China's toy market size will break US$39.7 billion, which means there are US$14.7 billion gap in China market. When the gap is covered, there will be a boom of the market.*
Operating revenue of the toy industry was US$34.66 billion (2017) with 8.8% year-on-year growth.*
According to 2017 survey, 90% of the respondents have purchased educational toys for their kids.
Estimated by the Customs, the total global consumption of the toy market was around US$89.9 billion in 2017. United States accounted for 33.8%, EU accounted for 26.4%, and china, second only to United States, accounted for 9.6%*

Gathering global famous brands at CBME

Meet face-to-face with professional buyers at CBME

2018 CBME Highlights

About CBME China
Held annually in Shanghai, CBME China is the world’s largest trade fair for child, baby and maternity products & services. This is the perfect venue for you to meet buyers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the industry from all over the world.



Gathering global famous brands at CBME


Meet face-to-face with professional buyers at CBME


2018 CBME Highlights




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