CBME Food & Health 2020

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15-17 July, 2020   SWEECC (Shanghai), China

China’s child, baby and maternity food market as a whole is better

Sales in Chinese household consumer food market are expected to reach US$ 1029.6 billion in 2021.*

China’s child, baby and maternity food market has great development potential
In 2018, the size of baby food market was US$ 23.5 billion, one of the core markets in the entire maternal and children products markets.*
In June 2016, the “regulation on the registration of formulas for infant formula milk powder products” was released. The management of infant formula in China was changed from the filling system to the registration system.*


Maternal and baby products stores/ maternal and baby products department stores are the key business channels for the future expansion of complementary food, nutrition and snacks brands.*




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