CBME Children’s Wear 2020

CBME Helps You Take the Lead in the Booming Children’s Wear Market

15-17 July, 2020   NECC (Shanghai), China

Your Gateway to China’s Booming Children’s Wear Market

With the steady implementation of 2-child policy, the growth of China’s population is health

According to the national bureau of statistics(NBS), there were 17.23 million babies born in 2017 and the birth rate was 12.43‰*
By the end of 2017, the population of China aged 0-14 (including under 15 years old)was 233.48 million.*
China’s per capita consumption is growing
China’s increasing per capita disposable income reached US $ 1,149 with 8.8% year-on-year growth.*(2018 Q1)
The overall children’s wear market is improving
From 2013-2017, the domestic children’s wear market achieved a compound annual growth rate of 9.68%. According to forecasts, the compound annual growth rate of the industry will remain at around 14% for the next three years, and will reach a market valuation of US $ 39.2 billion by 2020.*
In recent years, the overall size of China’s children’s footwear market has maintained a steady growth rate. From 2013-2016, the growth rate of China’s children’s footwear market has reached 9.87%, and the market size in 2016 reached US $ 7.06 billion.*



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