Baby-Led Weaning Recip Book

Release date:2017-05-26

The collaboration will see Chicco's 5 in 1 Polly Progres5 named as the official highchair partner for Annabel Karmel's brand new Baby Led Weaning Recipe Book, which is due to hit stores on the 25th of May.

The Polly Progres5 will star on the front cover of the book and will also be included in visuals contained inside the book itself. This will be combined with a conjoined marketing plan, which will cover print, online, in store and social elements, all of which aim to promote the affinity of the two brands to their key target audience.  

Mitch Levene, Managing Director of Artsana UK comments, “The co-joining of the Annabel Karmel and Chicco brands is one that made perfect sense and we are really excited to be the exclusive highchair partner for the upcoming launch. 

“We pride ourselves on offering 360 solutions for mums and dads, not only in the feeding sphere but in all realms of parenting including sleeptime, travel and toys. Joining forces with an overall feeding expert like Annabel Karmel was a natural fit and demonstrates our commitment to being the perfect partner for parents looking for everything their baby needs in the early years.”

Annabel Karmel adds, “I'm thrilled to be partnering with Chicco as the official highchair partner for my latest book release. In my new Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book I'm championing a flexible approach to weaning and so I was keen to find the perfect brand partner and product that shared the same ethos. Teaming up with Chicco and more specifically the Polly Progres5 seemed like a natural fit as the 5-in-1 highchair offers that same flexibility for families to incorporate into their daily feeding routine – it's the ideal mealtime companion for my new book.”


Source: Nusery Today

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